I'm building a "pantheistic" musicians area.
In the meantime you can visit this cool related sites
from people that are in some ways near to Pantheistc records.

Home page of Jim Meneses of the positive nuns on  avantart.com.Lot of informations about his tentacular activities!

Cuneiform records.Great records!Blast,Otholithen,Dr Nerve,Curlew,Henry Kaiser,Mujician,U totem,
Raoul Bjorkenheim,Thinking plague,Soft machine and more! http://members.aol.com/Cuneiform2/cuneiform.html

Rec Megacorp.Need a word??!!.Records of Henry cow,Faust,Criss Cutler,Cassiber,Biota,Ossatura,
Ground zero, Peter Blegdvad,Sun ra and more! http://www.megacorp.u-net.com/

also soon a lot of links of my favourite musicians,labels,etc, from my huge bookmark!!!!!