Pantheistic  is a new born independent label dedicated to avantgarde,free jazz,elettronica,deep ambient,no wave,
strange stuff and new musics.I run also a diy hardcore/punk/grind label since 3 years by now and i'mstill releasing
angry records with Anti/Dio.Now i'm also working on a first number of Avantpunk  fanzine that i think will be out in
october/november1999.It will be an important effort for me.I will deal with life,music i like, politics.Printed in italian language
to spread the virus where i live and distribuited in record shops and in bookstores besides the usual diy circuit.
I'm always interested in new bands/new music/new contacts and new collaboration.I'm really mad for music
which for me means not only a kind of records to collect but a free and non-conformist way of life and politic in a high sense.
In the meantime i study philosophy at university in Florence trying to see trought my obsessions/passions,knowing that music
is not all in life(although music is a huge part of my life).
I run a distribution selling records by mailorder and at gigs at cheap/honest prices.Coming soon our mailorder list.
Records labels!!i'm very interested in what you are doing!!Get in touch for trades (i'll reviews/speak of your releases on Avantpunk magazine) and possible distribution.
Get in contact with:

Pantheistic c/o Daniele Schiliro,via mameli 14,51100,Pistoia,Italy
ph/fax: +39.0573.975381
e-mail: schiliro@italway.it

Avantpunk 2 years ago,Athens

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